Universal Unit 3

The Universal Unit3 is an in- vehicle device and asset tracker. Use the UU3 to monitor driver behavior and to track vehicle or asset location to provide real-time notifications for a wide variety of events. The UU3 is available with 2G or 3G modems and features internal antennas for both models.

Main Features:

  • Internal antennas
  • External immobilizer relay
  • Available in 3G and 2G versions
  • Supports 2 analog sensor inputs
  • Supports 4 digital inputs, and 3 digital outputs
  • Supports OTA reprogramming (firmware update) ยป Supports SMS commands
  • Small size – 101 x 58 x 34 mm

Supported Perpheral Devices:

  • Up to 4 external RIM devices
  • Driver ID via Dallas iButton, keypad, or RF ID