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Who We Are

TrakTek Global Solutions Thailand is a GPS based Fleet and Fuel Management business that has been operating as Track Me Guam,LLC on Guam USA, North Carolina USA and the Philippines since 2006.  Since it’s opening, Traktek Global Solutions,LLC  provided the necessary tools for businesses on Asia Pacific Guam, the CNMI and the Philippines,Thailand to help successfully manage their fleets and monitor fuel usage.

Our Mission

TrakTek Global Solutions, LLC Thailand main focus is to provide the best products and solutions for Fleet and Fuel monitoring.  We have strived to expand our services and solutions to not only include Fleet and Fuel Management, but now have been able to offer solutions such as Heavy Equipment Monitoring, Waste Management, Navigation & Mobile Resource Management, Video Security Solution, RF Solutions and Personal Tracking.

Our Services

Fleet Management

Our solutions use GPS/GSM/GPRS technology to track your vehicles. System reports and alerts are supported by wireless technology and are web-based, producing  fully-mapped, updated reports. You may monitor your vehicles in real-time from any computer or smart phone with internet access.

Uinnotech’s systems provide Google and Vector maps of Guam, Saipan and the Philippines with no additional roaming charges



  • Time, Distance and Velocity Monitoring
  • Immediate Alerts upon alarm triggering
  • Trip Replay, Virtual Fencing and Points of Interest
  • Driver Identification/Information and Vehicle Information
  • Operational and statistical reports that exportable to Excel and PDF Formats
  • Maintenance/Service Record Monitoring
  • View Virtual Dashboard Gauges
  • Monitor Fuel Tank Capacity, Refuels, Fuel Theft and Fuel Consumption
  • Routing and Navigation for Dispatch
  • Can View Via Smart Phone
  • Various Sensors – Immobilizer, Battery, Fuel Level, Open/Close Door, etc.


  • Reduced Fuel, Maintenance and Operation Costs
  • Increased employee productivity and safety
  • Improved efficiency and utilization of Fleet
  • Stolen Vehicle Recovery Assistance and Detection of Side Jobs
  • Vehicle Maintenance with Service Due control
  • Knowledge of Routes and Destinations that Correspond with Fuel Usages

Fuel Management

With fluctuating fuel costs, Traktekgs solution provides advanced management tools for any company’s biggest operating expense – FUEL. Fleet managers are constantly seeking greater control over fuel supplies to improve overall fuel economy and to eliminate loss due to theft. With our solutions, we can help! Using innovative and advanced telematics systems, we can help make commercial fleets more profitable and workers more productive.

Our solution consists of a Fuel Pump Control System that helps fleet managers effectively track fuel dispensing and tank status. The system records the operators and fuel pump activities while preventing unauthorized use. The system can be integrated with Traktekgs Fleet Management systems which allows mileage or engine hours to be tracked and fuel consumption of a vehicle. It can improve fleet performance and reduce down time through accurate preventive maintenance.

The Pump Control unit controls each pump hose independently. With multiple vehicle identification methods, the unit authorizes the vehicle to pump fuel and collects the vehicle data. At the completion of each transaction, the Pump Control Unit sends the data over GPRS Cellular Network to the server for compilation.

Benefits of Implementing a Fuel Management Solution:

  • Help Reduce Fuel Costs by up to 25%
  • Increase Employee Productivity and Safety
  • Improve Efficiency and Utilization of Fuel
  • Knowledge and Control of Fuel Usage
  • Provide Unattended yet Secured Access to Refueling Processes
  • Help Eliminate Manual Logging of Data with Automatic Recording and Reconciliation

Real Time Fuel Monitoring

  • Versions (+, 3G, BT)
  • Data depiction directly from on-board computer for Light commercial vehicles
  • Dual transparent channel
  • Advanced accessories : Smart card reader, RFID
    reader, etc
  • Reliable signal acquisition
  • Driver management (driver registration) -Fuel monitoring
  • Temperature monitoring
  • Driver behaviour monitoring
  • Fuel Monitoring
  • Fuel Theft Prvevention
  • Fuel Plannig improvement -Exact Fuel Refills information -ECO and PRO verions

Fuel Module

Knowing the current fuel level, including fuel refill and drain events and locations, allows you to plan trips better, be aware of fuel related costs and prevent fuel theft.
TrustTrack fuel module makes fuel management simple and controlled. It shows all fuel related vehicle information – fuel level, fuel refill and drain events with locations, etc.
Manage fuel accurately and reduce fuel costs.


To communicate, managers usually call, text, or use various apps with drivers and it can be very time consuming.
TrustTrack comes with a mobile app called OnTrack to make communication between managers and drivers easier. A manager can send messages and files to the driver directly from TrustTrack while the driver can do the same thing by using the OnTrack app.
Use mobile app to communicate with driver.

Speed Limiter

The EDT Speed Limiter is the latest addition to EDT’s portfolio of advanced fleet management accessories.
The EDT speed limiter actively intervene in the case of over-speeding, the unit stores records of events that are available via an integrated in-vehicle printer for easy access by police and other law enforcement personnel. Detailed reports describing each event or infraction are available from EDT’s WorldFleetLog.

Bus Transportation Solution


Traktekgs now provides GPS Bus Announcer Systems. This system allows a bus company and driver to automatically announce bus stops, advertisements, etc. while on their bus routes by using GPS. It has hands‐free and manual usage modes. Companies can add service messages to go along with their stop announcement as well.

Additional Features that can be added:

  • LED/Marquee Sign
  • Video with Announcement
  • Loud Speaker/Microphone for Tour Announcements

Heavy Equipment Monitoring

For monitoring Generators and Heavy Equipment, TrackMe! Guam has an advanced tools and services that can be utilized to remotely monitor and manage an equipment’s performance.

Some Key Features with Generator / Equipment Monitoring

  • Monitoring Runtime and RPM
  • Track Real Time Operating Status
  • Remote Analysis and Control of Equipment
  • Increase Network Uptime
  • Reduce Overall Operational Costs

Waste Management

Traktekgs now provides a solution that can give ‘waste companies’ the necessary tools to keep track of customer service/collection and to also help automate data needed for billing and records. Using RF (Radio Frequency) technology, waste companies can determine if customers are being tended to and can also keep track of how many customers are being visited.

With Fleet, Fuel & Waste Management combined, waste companies can monitor every aspect of their business by keeping track of fleet/driver behavior, collecting reports and records for accounting and monitoring fuel expenses.

Other Services


Mobile DVR / Car DVR (with 3G, 4G, GPS, Wi-Fi) for vehicle real time monitoring, applied with car cameras used for vehicle monitoring in bus, taxi, school bus, truck, police car, tour bus, tanker truck, escort car etc. Operated with Client Software IVMS (Intelligent Vehicle Management Software) to realize fleet management online, and achieve a full range of car monitoring functions such as real time video & audio monitoring, GPS, car tracking, GEO-Fence, voice intercom, car temperature, alarms customized , driving route record, PTZ control, fuel volume detection, video search and download, generating reports, etc. APP is available for mobile phones in Android and iOS system.

JS2-HD-NNN (Basic Recording)


  • 4 channels synchronized A/V recording and playback
  • 4 x 720P AHD or 4 x 960H / D1 / HD1 / CIF + 1 x IPC (720P / 1080P)
  • Accept 2 SD Cards Storage, up to 128GB each
  • On board UPS 8 seconds delay power-off for data protection
  • 8V-36V wide voltage power supply
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Touch Screen MDVR / NVR

  • Support Dual SIM cards, one for telephone, one for 4G data traffic
  • 2 channels of 1080P AHD video inputs, can be extended to 4 channels of 1080P AHD
  • Unlimited storage with2.5 inch SSD and 2 SD cards (one for error backup, one for offline navigation)
  • Support Wi-Fi hotspot
  • Internal GPS, 3G / 4G,Bluetooth module (support OBD Bluetooth)
  • Internal RFID card-reader for driver ID card verification
  • Internal service evaluation button
  • Android smart touch screen with on-board navigation, message notification from center, telephone, live video, order list, payment record, and able to integrate with other accessories such as fare meter, LED advertisement panel,POS machine, driver panic button, service evaluator, Status LED displayer for extended functions.
  • Multiple alarm reports and business reports
  • On board UPS 8~20 seconds delay power-off for data protection
  • 8V~36V wide voltage power supply
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EDT Products


The F1 is available with an internal 2G or 3G modem with support for an expansion module for additional functionality. The F1 includes on-board CAN Bus J1939 support as well as support for a large selection of proprietary CAN Bus protocols to provide a robust set of vehicle and driver behavior events and alerts.

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Beverage Cooler

Temperature sensor for 24/7 temperature monitoring
Provides location and alerts based on POIs and geo-fences to detect if the beverage refrigerator is on the move
Supports digital sensors to log open door/close door activity to record beverage refrigerator use

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SmartLog 4 & 5

The SmartLog 4 is a powerful GPS/GSM/GPRS automotive telematics device with advanced, integrated management capabilities. It is an ideal automotive telematics solution for vehicle and driver behavior monitoring, as well as security and maintenance tracking.

SmartLog 5 is an advanced Fleet Management Solution platform for 2G/3G Networks that features integrated CAN Bus and optional communication support including RF mode and automatic Iridium satellite fallback.

SmartLog 5 supports a variety of extended interface board options on a per project basis to provide customers with bespoke solutions for their most challenging fleet management requirements.

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Universal Unit 3

The Universal Unit3 is an in- vehicle device and asset tracker. Use the UU3 to monitor driver behavior and to track vehicle or asset location to provide real-time notifications for a wide variety of events. The UU3 is available with 2G or 3G modems and features internal antennas for both models.

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FuelLog 2

FuelLog2 is an independent fuel pump control system to manage private fuel stations and mobile tankers. Rugged construction makes the FuelLog2 an ideal solution for fuel stations in the field. FuelLog2 easily integrates with additional EDT software and hardware fleet management products for a complete fleet management solution.

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ERM Products

  • Starlink e-bike

    The StarLink eBike and RoadBuddy offers tracking and anti-theft solutions for motorcycles, designed to withstand the unique harsh terrain conditions of the motorcycle environment… Read more

  • StarLink OBD

    StarLink OBD is a Plug & Driver GSM/GLONASS telematics and tracking device for UBI and PAYD services that can be used in all vehicles equipped with an OBD II port.The StarLink OBD offers valuable information such… Read more

  • StarLink Tracker

    The StarLink Tracker is a vehicle tracking device, mainly used in Fleet Management and Stolen Vehicle Recovery (SVR) operations.The StarLink Tracker has a Highly configurable functionality… Read more


eData provides vehicle analysis in real-time, with customizable notifications about the vehicle’s state of health. The eData is a diagnostic tool with a user-friendly software interface for easy rule and notifications settings for any combination of parameter values (being broadcasted over the CANbus or OBD CAN). The notifications are issued in real-time to the fleet manager for immediate action and are recorded for further analysis. For example, the fleet manager can set the eData to send an alert when any of his drivers does not wear a seatbelt and drives at a speed over 80 mph for over 2 minutes. Read More…


A highly accurate analog fuel level / consumption adaptor, delivering a real time alerts regarding theft and fueling events, even when ignition is switched off (parking). The eFuel is using the vehicle’s original fuel float, and alerts in refueling and fuel theft events. It converts the original float data into clear and simple measuring tool and offers unique pull-up mechanism to monitor changes during ignition On/Off. Read More…


The eVoice is a speaker that provides spoken driver alerts. The alerts can be pre-set and personalized so that in different situations the eVoice will issue the pre-defined audial alert in accordance with the event that occurred. Read More…


External Device Adaptor for Tire Pressure.The EDA TPMS provides real-time connectivity to TPMS devices, enabling tire pressure monitoring, and when connected to ERM’s Starlink device, can provide alerts whenever exceptional events are identified. Read More…

Driver ID

Fleet management operations frequently require driver identification. When only one driver can be assigned to a vehicle per trip, ERM’s Driver ID management solution enables the fleet manager to identify the driver with different types of driver identification solutions Read More…

Temp. Sensor

Cold Chain transportation operations requires a careful attention to the cargo’s temperature at all times, from the moment it was picked up, and until it reaches its destination.Read More…

Fuel Level Sensor


  • Analog (1…10V), Frequency (500-2000Hz)
  • Diesel / Fuels / Vegetable Oil …
  • -40…+85°C
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  • (RS232)
  • Diesel / Fuels / Biofuels…
  • -40…+85°C
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  • (RS485)
  • Diesel / Fuels / Biofuels…
  • -40…+85°C
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Tracking Portal

WorldFleetLog gives your fleet managers control over every aspect of a modern fleet management operation.


WorldFleetLog supports:

  • Fleet Management System reports
  • Remote immobilizing and vehicle recovery, based on real-time on-map location
  • Reconciled vehicle fuel consumption and fuel pump management
  • Free Smartphone app for access to fleet and fuel information on-the-go

WorldFleetLog benefits include:

  • Fully extensible company, vehicle and driver definitions
  • Powerful report generation engine automatically generates reports according to user-defined parameters
  • Dashboard feature provides dynamic, automatically updated information in a simple graphic format
  • Job Assignment feature provides real-time alerts regarding on time/late arrival at pre-defined stops
  • Main Control Screen

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